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Established in 1998 by Islam Quazi Shafique, Islam Quazi Shafique & Co. (IQS) has evolved into a highly respected chartered accountancy firm in Bangladesh. Since our inception on August 6, 1998, we started by serving small clients and have since expanded our services to become a leading player in the industry.


Guided by our founder’s vision to provide top-notch professional services with a personal touch, today, we stand as a reputable firm offering a diverse range of services. Our clientele includes Publicly Listed Companies, other Public and Private Companies, Public Sector Corporations, Non-Government Organizations, and Multi-National Corporations.


Our dedication to excellence and personalized service has not only earned the trust of our clients but has also established us as a strategic partner for businesses across various sectors. As we continue to expand and innovate, our mission remains steadfast — illuminating the path to excellence and success for our clients in the dynamic world of chartered accountancy.


This commitment has positioned us as a strategic partner for businesses across sectors such as Manufacturing Industries, Financial Institutions, Service Sectors, and Not-for-Profit Organizations.


Client-focused approach | High professional standards and ethical values | Emphasis on a value-added approach

  • Our Vision

    Providing exceptional value-added professional services to our clients with the aim of bolstering public confidence.

  • Our Mission

    ● Delivering confidential, ethical, and professional services to our clients.
    ● Ensuring the provision of quality services to enhance the value of our clients' businesses.
    ● Embracing technological advances to optimize business performance.

  • Our Values, Goals and Methodology

    At the core of our ethos, we believe in fostering mutual respect and an ethical culture, encapsulated in the following principles:

    ● Upholding quality assurance and delivering value for our stakeholders.
    ● Demonstrating integrity and independence to provide a true and fair opinion.
    ● Striving for technical excellence to deliver high-quality services.
    ● Adopting a proactive and analytical approach to decision-making.
    ● Assuming leadership roles to achieve our goals.
    ● Cultivating synergy through teamwork and mutual support.

  • Our People – Bright Sparks

    At IQS, our success is a testament to the exceptional individuals who make up our team. With five Partners, one Advisor, three Consultants, and one Director leading the way, supported by a team of 70 professionals, students, and support staff, we are a collective force of Bright Sparks. Our people embody our values, goals, and methodology, driving the firm's success and contributing to our reputation as a strategic partner for businesses across diverse sectors. Together, we illuminate the path to excellence and innovation in the world of chartered accountancy.

Islam Quazi Shafique & Co.

A Journey of Decades

Since our inception in 1998, Islam Quazi Shafique & Co. (IQS) has embarked on a remarkable journey, evolving from a small-scale service provider to a highly respected chartered accountancy firm in Bangladesh. Founded by Islam Quazi Shafique, we opened our doors on August 6, 1998, with a commitment to delivering top-notch professional services and a personal touch.

Over the years, we have expanded our offerings and clientele, solidifying our position as a leading player in the industry. Our journey has been characterized by growth, innovation, and a steadfast dedication to excellence

Our Strength

● Seasoned professionals with leadership skills and strong supporting team.
● Comprehensive experience in banking sector, other business & corporate sectors.
● Leading expertise in audit & assurance , tax , VAT, advisory and consultancy services.
● Strong technical quality of our people..
● Technological infrastructure to ensure quality service.
● Quality focused client service.
● Enlistment with regulatory bodies.
● Customer satisfaction.

best in Dhaka, Bangladesh

why choose us?

At QSI, we place a strong emphasis on cultivating enduring relationships with our clients. From the initial meetings onward, we strive to showcase the distinctive quality of service that sets QSI apart. Every client, irrespective of size, is of equal importance to us. When clients place their trust in us, it becomes our sincere commitment to serve them with the utmost care and the highest level of professional competence.

While we may not be the largest firm or have a global presence, we consider this a strength. Our close-knit team operates like a family. At QSI, every team member is encouraged to be not just professional but also friendly, ensuring a fully committed approach to delivering the best service. Each team leader at QSI doesn't just represent an employee but acts as an independent professional personally invested in the success of the assigned task. In essence, our strength lies in our versatility. You'll experience personal service akin to a small accounting firm, yet benefit from the extensive experience and skills drawn from various partners and professionals within the firm. This ensures that we provide an all-encompassing solution that is second to none.