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Corporate Law Services

  1. Corporate Law Services

Welcome to our Corporate Support Service, where your success is our priority. We understand the complexities of corporate operations, and our dedicated support services are designed to enhance your efficiency and overall business performance.

Efficient corporate support is the backbone of any successful organization. We offer a range of Corporate Support Services, including secretarial services, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance guidance. Let us handle the administrative complexities, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Services Offered/Details:

Our Corporate Support Service includes:

  • Share Issuance and IPO Services: Facilitating processes related to share issues, right issues, initial public offerings (IPOs), and preparing comprehensive prospectuses for regulatory compliance.
  • Liquidation and Winding-Up Assistance: Providing expert guidance and support in the orderly liquidation and winding-up of companies, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
  • Foreign Exchange Compliance: Assisting in obtaining central bank permissions for inward and outward remittances of foreign currencies, ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • International Banking Support: Facilitating the opening of bank accounts for foreign clients, streamlining the process for seamless financial transactions.
  • Company Formation Services: Guiding through the establishment of new companies, handling all legal and procedural aspects to ensure proper incorporation.
  • Board of Investment and Ministry Registrations: Managing registrations with the Board of Investment and the Ministry of Industries to facilitate business operations and investment activities.
  • Licenses and Certificates Acquisition: Securing various licenses and certificates, including trade licenses, factory licenses, Import Registration Certificates, Export Registration Certificates, and others necessary for business operations.
  • Tax and Regulatory Compliance: Supporting in obtaining Tax Identification Numbers (TIN), Value Added Tax (VAT) registration, and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. Additionally, facilitating memberships in trade associations and chambers.


Our team of support professionals is committed to providing reliable assistance and contributing to the seamless functioning of your corporate operations.


  • Administrative Support: Handling routine tasks to free up your team’s time.
  • Process Optimization: Streamlining corporate processes for enhanced efficiency.
  • Customized Corporate Solutions: Tailoring support services to your specific needs.


  • Time-saving through efficient administrative support.
  • Streamlined processes for enhanced corporate efficiency.
  • Customized support to meet your unique corporate requirements.
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